Friday, September 16, 2005

Katrina is a Gigantic Spider...

Some things have come to my attention over the last week that I wanted to share on the blog.

  • Katrina's effects are not limited to the Southeast. People are evacuating and relocating to places as far away as Portland, Oregon. Schools, churches and communities have opened their doors for the displaced residents of the Gulf Coast. This will affect school populations, job openings, and availability of housing. Not to mention gas prices everywhere, due to the damage she did in the Gulf.
  • Tip for all business travelers out there: If you are planning on traveling to any city in the USA soon, and intend to rent a car there - make your reservation as early as possible. Many evacuees from Katrina are living (at least temporarily) in cities across the USA and many rental cars are not available, due to the sudden high number of families needing temporary transportation. The same thing goes for hotels. Even though parts of the New Orleans metro area are allowing residents to return soon, the hotels may be booked for the next month or so.
  • The AT&T Universal Card (which is part of Citibank) has a program that allows customers to donate their credit card points as a cash donation to the Red Cross. You simply redeem a certain number of your points in order to give a Red Cross donation. Check with your credit card companies and see if they are doing the same. If they aren't, ask them if they will start a program to do so. After all, their competition is doing it!
  • Many businesses are taking steps to help Katrina victims, even though there may not be any news publication or press release that announces it. I've asked several local businesses if they would put together a program to help Katrina victims, only to be told that their home office is already doing a great deal.


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