Monday, September 19, 2005

Katrina Potpourri Info

Today's blog will be short and to the point. I am still interested in any ideas, suggestions, etc. that any of you have for this blog.

The more people I talk to, the more I realize how many of us are affected by Katrina, whether directly or indirectly. Most of the evacuees are "out of their element." Those of us housing evacuees are also adjusting, and trying to provide some comfort in this hectic time.

It looks like my parents can return in early October. They will not be going back this week, despite Aaron Broussard's press releases that residents can return. Their area probably has power and running water, but there's a chance it doesn't. Many places in surrounding New Orleans areas are just beginning to open, so they are going to wait.

Something to be aware of - there are rumors of several carjackings in the Atlanta metro area the last several weeks. Supposedly some of the prisoners in Louisiana were set free due to Katrina. Please be careful and exercise good common sense when you are going about your regular activities. Lock car doors, be aware of your surroundings, etc.

A few links for your reference this Monday morning:

Beware of purchasing a used car anytime soon!

Hurricane Rita is gaining strength.

Click here for another hero story.

Click here to visit Operation Superhero and see what they are doing to help.

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