Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Some Favorite New Orleans things...

As I was contemplating the topic for today's blog post, I realized that I was becoming depressed over the devastation of my hometown, not to mention I am a bit worried about what Hurricane Rita will do. I'm going to use one of the characteristic emotions of our culture (aka "denial") and write something more light-hearted for today's piece.

You know you're in New Orleans when:

  • You get on a bus marked "Cemeteries" without asking questions.
  • Your car regularly drops an axle when driving through the city streets.
  • People don't "buy groceries", they "make groceries."
  • You will pretty much cook anything that moves.
  • You don't question a statue of Mary lit up in everyone's front yard. It's just a part of the city.

Some of my favorite movies made in New Orleans:

  • The Big Easy. New Orleanians loved this movie, because they recognized all the familiar places (Tipitina's!) and because it borders on the truth. (Note: The scene where Ellen Barkin is jogging along the bayou after losing in court - they show my high school in that shot! The white building behind her is my high school; we walked along that bayou all the time.) We're a great place full of cajuns, spicy food, and good people - but we have our share of corruption and embarrassment as well. (After all, where else could someone as outrageous as David Duke run for office?)
  • Blaze. Story of Huey P. Long and corruption. Paul Newman, Louisiana scenery, and corruption exposed. Who could ask for more?
  • Hard Target. Jean Claude Van Damme in this action-packed movie. Some of the bridges where he does the motorcycle stunts are near my house!
  • Undercover Blues. Complete spoof of espionage but it's with Dennis Quaid and Kathleen Turner. How could you go wrong? It's silly and full of fun, but also filled with New Orleans scenery.
  • The Pelican Brief.
  • The Client.
  • Double Jeopardy.
  • Runaway Jury.


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