Sunday, October 09, 2005

Not all of us are human...

One of the most surprising things to me in the wake of Katrina is discovering how very little soul some individuals have. People going through the streets of New Orleans, their only goal being to "take what they can get" because the opportunity is there. I truly don't understand that mentality. Steal a TV that you can't watch because you have no power, but it makes you feel better as a person to steal that TV? Hello? What planet were you transplanted from?

It's not just the cut-and-dry people who are causing the problem. It's also the people who have so little soul that they can't share any empathy, any heart, any feelings whatsoever for anyone. It's the people who, in the wake of so many individuals losing their homes, complain that their home isn't fancy enough so they want to buy another one. Nothing wrong with moving into another home, but have a little courtesy when you complain, will ya? Some people just lost their homes, and meanwhile you HAVE a home but it isn't good enough for you?

I find that after Katrina, I am losing my patience. I don't have the same tolerance for idiots anymore. When someone helps Katrina victims, whether financially or physically, that effort is to be commended, not insulted. I have seen people who are berating those who are helping Katrina victims. That saddens and angers me.

For whatever reason, I like to believe that "we are all really good at heart." And many of us are. But many are not. Those who are not, I wish would just go away. Then maybe this Earth would be a more pleasant place.